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    Where is the inner screen and outer screen of the cable? What is the screen material and the function?

    In order to make good contact between the insulation layer and the conductor, reduce the electric field strength increase of conductor surface due to the conductor roughness, inner screen made of metal tape or semi-conductive tape should be applied onto the conductor surface; in order to make good contact between the insulation layer and the metallic sheath, outer screen should be applied onto then insulation layer, outer screen material is the same with inner screen, sometimes with copper tape and braided copper wire tape.

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    What is the design requirement of cable terminal and joint?

    high voltage withstanding, good conductor connection
    high mechanical strength, small dielectric loss simple structure, strong sealing performance.

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    What is allowed long term current carrying capacity? How many factors determine the capacity?

    It indicates the current value of conductor long term operating temperature after thermal stability. There are three factors to determine the allowed long term current carrying capacity:
    1. Allow long term operation temperature;
    2. Heat radiation performance of the cable;
    Cable installations and ambient heat radiation

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    What is insulation strength?

    Insulation material breaks down in the electric field when electric field strength reaches the limit, the limit causing the breakdown is called insulation strength.